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Larry Clark: What do you do for fun?

Larry Clark has been hyped by the media many times. During his initial success in the late 90s he became the unconventional conductor of American photography’s suburban underworld. Clark's portraits often highlight teenage life in a sexually charged, often fascinating way, which is sometimes on the borderline between disgust and intense sadness. His art is not unique in this way though. This unflinching manner of documenting people is one he shares with other recent American photographers. Practitioners such as Terry Richarsson, Nan Goldin and Ryan McGinley are three photographers who use similar stylistic traits in their work.
In this particular exhibition Clark displays collections of Images and artifacts that give the viewer an insight into the thought process behind his art and an insight to what it maybe all about. These notes, snapshots and newspaper cuttings help the ‘collages’ address and question the importance of family and safety. They are accompanied by a series of portraits that reveal sensitive insights into the life of certain young people, the importance of identity, feelings of isolation and the seedy nature of American culture.
The exhibition's title, ‘What do you do for fun?’ stands in sharp contrast to its content, but it is definitely worth seeing.
Larry Clark: What do you do for fun is at Simon Lee Gallery until April the 2nd
 DSC_0381 fun !

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