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The charming Polaroids of Philip-Lorca Dicorcia. . .


Last weeks’ opening to Philip-Lorca Dicorcia's show Roid at Sprüth Magers caught my attention, mainly because of the works size and the exhibitions hanging style. As this was a collection of Polaroids, the images had an intimacy and intrigue which is too often lost in today's art galleries, with countless shows displaying large-scale photographs. It was a refreshing change to this trend, which now seems a bit grotesque and out of touch with these 'austerity measured' times.

The interest in this work was also heightened by the shows hanging method. This 'Motorway' style exhibit placed the work on a small rail that ran along the walls of the gallery. This encouraged the viewer to really immerse themselves in the work; drawing them in very close in order to properly inspect the nature of the polaroid, it's form, content and place within the whole series. I felt that this gave the images an emphasized sense of constructed narrative - if somewhat ambiguous - and in an unconventional fashion, communicated a vision of the photographer's own creative journey through his work.  

the show runs May the 13th-June 18th 2011

outside photos backroom outerroom inside

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