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“Watch out Picasso, here comes Tony Hancock”

therebeltony1  The artist himself in true Paris mood. . .tony2 the existentialists beatnik-types. . .tony3and the fantastic Hancock sculptures

Tony Hancock's film The Rebel (1961) is the story of a ‘bored-to-death’ London office worker who decides to leave his nine-to-five monotony to try his luck as an artist in the bohemian quarters of Paris. The Rebel is very much a ‘tongue in cheek’ dig at the art world and the artistic underground movements of its time. The film is 50 years old this year, but its comment on the fickle nature of the art world; its dodgy dealers, ‘fads and trends’, makes it feel as comically accurate today as it was when it was made.

The film is not only a dig at modern city life and the fast moving trends of the art world it is also a great source of inspiration. The art featured in the film does have its charms. Yes, we do love Hancock’s art here at Pipe. Aphrodite at the Water Hole and Self Portrait are among our favorites’. We are not the only ones though; Reconstructions of these two artworks among others featured in the exhibition Anthony Hancock; a retrospective at the Foundry in London in 2002.

Ps. the Rebel can be found on YouTube…  enjoy:)


  1. Great film. Makes me want to watch it again so thanks for pointing out it is on YouTube. Had no idea Hancock had a 'show' in East London. The irony of it all.

  2. The sculpture is without , Superb!.



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