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Back from Spain and full of new ideas…

artwork © pipe

We have been up and running since February, and we feel it is a good time to start implementing a few important changes. The character of Pipe will not change and we will still function in roughly the same way, for the time being at least; however we now want to offer our online visitors much more. In doing this, the essence of Pipe has shifted.

The blog will now become a more personal story; the story of Pipe.

We will act as a ‘Cultural Guide’, which not only gives information about gallery shows but creates a narrative around this. We will include all forms of culture, from literature to cinema, newspaper and online articles to music, photography, theatre; all forms of creative activities could potentially crop up, if they inspire us enough.

The ‘toing and froing’ of the everyday will feature in inimitable ways, and will have all of our strange yet distinctive hallmarks about them. On view will be the life of Pipe, displayed for you the reader to enjoy, rich in personality, individual in its form and completely honest in its content.

The design of Pipe, as it has been from the start, will be at the centre of our philosophy for the site. The designs and images will change regularly but they will always reflect us. These designs are all completely are own.

Finally we will also produce individual art works for the blog. These will be included in both the posts and in the sites construction itself. All these works will be reproducible from the originals from where the online images are taken and adapted from. In both these works and texts Pipe’s tale will be told.

We hope that you will join us on this new and exciting stage for Pipe and we can communicate our vision for this blog to you our visitors.

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