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Pipe’s December Change: not ‘going back to basics’


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As much as ‘We/I’ (only one person writing this) have enjoyed writing and researching the longer articles, which have been Pipe’s mainstay over the last few months; we have decided that as 2013 approaches it is time for a different approach. Therefore during December Pipe will be posting far more often. Whilst making a concerted effort not to describe this as ‘going back to basics’; or using any other such over utilised cliché. We have decided to make December 2012 a month of much blogging activities. For us the fundamental objective for this month is to end up with the most posts of any month since Pipe’s inception. Therefore, initially we have to exceed 16 posts. I personally hope to surpass this number by as much as possible. At this point however, with December being as it is for us in the ‘West’ - passing it by just one post will suffice. There is no obvious reason for adopting this new tack. This decision simply comes from a desire to make December a hard working month. And the best way to achieve this is by posting as much as we can. Subsequently Pipe will become a rolling blog for one month only. We hope that you will enjoy observing these results.

As we embark on this new plan for Pipe, I want to briefly give a little context here if I can. We are a small independent blog, which is how we like it. Therefore taking Pipe towards a more traditional blog format can be problematic for us at times. We have limited time and resources, so consequently we will have to work flat out on this. As Quality is absolutely paramount for us at Pipe; when publishing various posts and concise written pieces in a high volume, this material must still adhere to the standards we have set ourselves. However we are looking forward to the task ahead. With these posts we will - as we always endeavour to do - ‘inspire you the reader’.


workbook1 Change is coming to Pipe; and change can be good, as you can see (above): ‘Art is but a small alteration’


During December Pipe will be a kind of visual diary. Throughout this period we will display the following posts:

· Photo Posts

· ‘Mood’ Posts

· Responses & Reviews

· Artworks

· Videos

· ‘Inspirations’

· And possibly an Interview (if we still have time that is).

We are currently working on some new larger more critical posts; for all those who have enjoyed our recent work. These will be completed and posted in the New Year. Updates, news and other relevant discourse will be communicated mainly via Twitter. In addition to Twitter, if you are interested take a look at our Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Digg accounts. These are not used quite as regularly, but still ‘used’ nonetheless.

Pipe’s December Change begins tomorrow. For those interested, keep visiting Pipe and following the tweets. We hope you all enjoy this busy festive month for us…

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