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Working on ‘Big Dinner’ exhibition at Limbo, Margate

Pipe has recently been working with Limbo, an exciting artist led arts space in Margate, on their current exhibition Big Dinner. This is the first of a series of shows which will make up their Guests series.

For this series Limbo “invites an established artist who either lives, works or has worked in Kent to take on the role of host, and to themselves invite others to collaborate with them on a project of their choosing.” In the case of Big Dinner, the artist is Matthew Darbyshire.

As part of our work with Limbo, Pipe has written an essay for this show. The essay is titled Individualism, mutualism and ‘Big Dinner’ and can be accessed through Limbo’s website. In addition to this, there you can find the show’s press release, all other relevant information and discover what else is going on at Limbo - all links can be found on the appropriate text here.

Here is a selection of some of Pipe’s photographs from Big Dinner. Captions include the works’ titles and the artists responsible.


Big Dinner - Pic 1 Works here include - centre: Seaside Fun by Erik Larsson; top left: Chandelier by Matthew Darbyshire; right: Pink by Robert Rivers & back wall left: Raspberry Ripple by Tara Tate 


Big Dinner - Pic 4 Artworks here: Milou Van Der Maaden’s Popcorn & James Kelly’s Prescient Device


Big Dinner - Pic 2 Pictured is, Julia Crabtree & Will Evans work Gypsum Cave


Big Dinner - Pic 3 Front & centre here is Let Us Leave by Henna Vainio & on the back wall is Circles, a painting by Sung Yeon Lim


Pic Big Dinner - Pic 5Top right (partial) is Darbyshire’s Cleaning Trolley; bottom left Glitter Boots also by Milou Van Der Maaden and top left Lyme Avenue by Aimee Sawicki


The full list of artists exhibiting at Big Dinner are:

Julia Crabtree and William Evans, Matthew Darbyshire, James Kelly, Erik Larsson, Sung Yeon Lim, Milou van der Maaden, Robert Rivers Aimee Sawicki, Tara Tate, Henna Vainio

The exhibition runs until the 19th of May and is already creating a buzz. Therefore if you get a chance to visit Limbo, I recommend that you do so. 


Alternatively click here for Individualism, mutualism and ‘Big Dinner’ essay.

If you want to ask us anything about our work, feel free to contact Pipe at; or simply leave a comment here, thanks.

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