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Announcements & Changes for Spring 2015


Pipe spring 2015 

As we are always trying to keep Pipe interesting - primarily to us, those who write and run this blog - we are, as a result of this approach, often considering new projects, texts and directions, which will best achieve this. We like to work on the assumption that, because we are ‘of this world’ and thus have preferences which are in all probability, shared by others, we therefore suspect that any new direction we do take may be of interest to other folks also. This outlines the case here.

It has been sometime since any new ideas have been declared by us. In this moment, we plan to return to one of the fundamental principles of this project. Being, we want Pipe to reflect and to show our own inclinations and preferences, which exist around our different chosen creative ‘arenas’. Another objective of ours - that we have not declared previously, but because it has grown over time we now feel we have to announce and act on it, is:


We aim to bring to your attention instances, individuals, works, organisations and/or any other creative or cultural example that by our judgment, presently are not being given the considerations we believe they/it deserves; or simply, those fascinating artistic examples, which might normally have passed one by.


This is clearly only a judgment of course. Therefore, if we end up discussing something you already know about or if you do not agree with our assessments, then this is constructive for us too, as we hope that you will share with us your thoughts, positions or criticisms. Discussion and bringing new ideas or examples to the fore, has always been one of our chief objectives for this blog and it remains so.

As a result of all this, we will be starting with a new series of articles on artists and creative individuals, whom we believe you should be made aware of. These are sometimes relatively new artists, but not always. Nonetheless, because we feel they are producing work that deserves a lot closer inspection and more widespread attention, we will be profiling and analysing some of the work they produce.

Lastly, as part of these ‘new horizons’, we are planning some aesthetic changes to the site as well. These will become clearer in the coming weeks but if you keep visiting us you will see those changes for yourselves, as and when they occur.



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