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- New for winter 2015 -

From December 2015, Pipe will be starting a sort of reinvention and reestablishment. Since 2010 when we began, clearly a lot has changed and that includes Pipe and our outlook for the work we produce. Therefore, as from now Pipe’s new appearance will be match with an equally different approach to the creation of content for the site itself.
Pipe has always been specific to us its creators. This specificity will now be placed at the front and centre of the site; it will be our work’s principle emphasis. Therefore the idea of the journal is now the direction in which we will direct Pipe. We will however be experimenting with these notions and aiming to shape our articles according to taste and inspirations.
This hybridisation of the journal into a type of exploratory, investigatory travelogue will be similarly spontaneous and often considered. As a result, the new site will contain serialised & thematic posts, as well as more case studied articles/essays. The visuals and the creation, or fashioning of our overall ‘look’ for Pipe, will remain an ongoing key consideration. And now, coupled with this, we will similarly be including sound and other audio elements in the makeup of the new site.
Our forthcoming posts will be punctuated with images - photography, drawings, newsprint, collage etc. Occasionally there may be an obvious connection between imagery and texts, but sometimes this association will be left to the reader to discern, if they so wish. Our artistic outlook for Pipe will remain a hallmark of what we do. This area of production always relates to our own thoughts and theories on the visual arts, design and music.
So carry on visiting Pipe. We are poised in advance that our renewed approaches and appearance(s) will be appreciated. Moreover, you can follow us at Twitter & Instagram for further updates, news & for other ongoing visual minutiae.

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