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19/2, a trip to Stockholm for the international art fair, Supermarket

On an ice cold  Saturday (-23 C) in February,  we made our way to Stockholm to visit Supermarket.

Supermarekt is an artist run  art fair held in Stockholm at Kulturhuset, which means ‘the House of culture’. This fair started in 2007 and has since then grown into a vast international art event. It is a development of Minimarket, which was at Konstnärshuset: ‘the House of Artists’, held in February 2006. This was in reaction to the new commercial art fair Market; which they describe as “The Nordic region’s leading fair for contemporary art”.

Supermarket has become an international art 'happening', which has helped to establish Stockholm as an important cultural center. This years Supermarket featured galleries from all over the world.

Here follows a small sample of the images we took:

supermarket2011 hares1 hares2 Tegen 2 - Swedenchair Studio  44 Stockholm, Sweden, artist: Andrea Höselphotodoubleexposure Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Finland (artist Milja Laurila)

DSC_0280 Lo and Behold, GreeceDSC_0252  Five hundred Dollars, London (artist  Jock Monoey)DSC_0267 Apineum, Switzerlandzwarte DSC_0325De Zwarte Ruyter, Netherlandstray Saint Marc, Spain    DSC_0277View from Kulturhuset, 3rd floor

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bye Sweden...

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