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Listen up its Haroon Mirza!

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This month the artist Haroon Mirza has become a particular favourite of ours here at pipe. His show at the Lisson Gallery was his first solo exhibition in London and it certainly made an impact on us.

Mirza, a former DJ, uses sound in his powerful installations. This makes for an awakening experience. What is striking in experiencing his work is the emphasis he puts on hearing and listening, which becomes as significant as seeing and looking. The political dimension in his work, although subtle and undefined, communicates a resonance that speaks of modern warfare, and its ideological rhetoric.

He is currently exhibiting a piece, Regaining a Degree of Control at British Art Show 7, at the Hayward Gallery. For me this piece is one of the standout exhibits in what is a fantastic show. This work looks at our obsessions with death. By displacing the lyrics of the classic Joy Division song She’s Lost Control and repositioning them in a visual adaption of Samuel Beckett’s play a Knapp’s Tale the work becomes a unique audio-visual artwork.

As a relatively young artist it seems clear that Haroon Mirza will have a bright future if he continues to create such eye, and ear catching, artwork.

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