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‘Something akin to Punk’:


Pipe: The Editor’s Note

After a period of summer recess for Pipe, we have now returned and are excited about a new succession of essays that will be published in consecutive weeks starting from this weekend (10th – 11th August). We have asked new and somewhat elusive, cultural theorist Edgar Davies to write this extended piece – which we will post as a series of chapters. Allowing Davies an almost totally free reign to compose and frame this piece, has been a little daunting. But we are now thoroughly excited at the prospect of publishing this thought provoking work for you, our esteemed readership.

Although having a tremendous amount of faith in Edgar, the views he expresses in this essay are his own (we presume), therefore these opinions are not all necessarily shared by us here at Pipe. However, this work is intended to be a ‘call and response’ essay, and as such, raises some interesting issues which we hope stimulate a dialogue with others.

As I am sure one has noticed from the heading here, the essay will be titled Something akin to Punk. As Davies suggests, this work will generally deal with the current state of the arts – exclusively the contemporary art and music scenes. The text will connect with themes associated with social, cultural and political concerns; as an integral part of this subjective examination.


Edgar Davies Photo of Edgar Davies, the author of Something akin to Punk; as he contemplates his work


The entire text will be published over 5 weeks, starting from this weekend – with more announcements to follow [view twitter: @thisispipe, for more details].

Over this period, Pipe will also be publishing other new unrelated content. So do please keep visiting the blog and letting us know your thoughts. In the meantime, we hope that you will appreciate Something akin to Punk.



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